"AI" can't stop watching birds at all. Ingenic "AI chip" is opening up new frontiers in intelligent bird watching.

As a driving force behind innovation,  Ingenic AI chips are empowering the frequent iterations of industry innovation applications. Based on Ingenic AI chip series T23, and others, they provide the essential "core" power behind the intelligent bird-watching capabilities of A4x   Technology's products. , Ingenic who has long been devoted to chip solutions in the field of general vision, has mastered core technologies such as CPU, VPU, ISP, and AIE. In 2023, they upgraded and released multiple innovative achievements including AI-ISP, Always on Video (AOV), new multi-camera technologies, and Mert audio, accelerating the democratization of AI in the field of general vision.

"True 'AI' for bird lovers."

Bird identification and species notification is the latest cloud-based AI feature released by A4x  Technology after human detection notification, pet (cat, dog) detection notification, vehicle detection notification, vehicle re-identification, and package detection notification. Unlike previous AI features, this one is specifically tailored to bird enthusiasts, adding more fun beyond home security.

 Ingenic AI chip T23 provides strong technical support for the bird recognition function of TA4x echnology products with its powerful CPU computing performance, professional imaging capabilities, leading coding quality, and rich AI functional algorithms. The previously released AI chip T31 series by Ingenic has already been successfully applied in A4x Technology's products, helping to realize its bird recognition function. As an upgraded version of the AI chip T31 series, T23 offers higher cost-effectiveness, maintaining technical performance while providing users with more competitive.



“How to Make Bird watching Smarter "

Bird enthusiasts place food for wild birds in their own backyard or on their apartment balcony, welcoming these lovely creatures to come and feed. They use cameras to capture these delightful moments, which can be seen in a multitude of related videos shared on YouTube. Given the limited availability of camera products with bird recognition AI applications targeting end consumers in the market, bird lovers mostly rely on regular cameras to document bird life.

Compared to the basic camera functions,A4x Technology products utilize Ingenic AI chips T31 or T23 to implement bird identification and species notification. This feature can notify users in real-time when birds visit and can identify the species of 99% of common birds. All recorded videos will automatically be tagged with the species of the birds, making it easy for users to search and view them.

Thanks to the support of  Ingenic AI chip T23, A4x Technology's products can intelligently identify birds quickly and accurately. Specifically, the T23 boasts strong CPU computing performance with a clock speed of up to 1.5 GHz, professional imaging capabilities, 5M@30 frames video encoding capability, rich differentiated expansion, ultimate cost control, and low power consumption genes. Integrated with a variety of rich AI functional algorithms, it is the most comprehensive and balanced H.265+AI video processor in the industry.


Leveraging the T23's low power consumption, fast boot, starlight enhancement ISP, human form detection, motion detection, and rich peripheral expansion interfaces, birdwatching devices equipped with AI applications can quickly start up and record in high definition in real time when birds come to feed. They can accurately capture their forms, actions, physical features, colors, and more. Supported by various capacity specifications through the built-in DDR, it allows users to search and quickly.




Overall, with the support of Ingenic high-performance, high-computing AI vision chip, A4x Technology has developed a bird recognition feature. This feature is complemented by high-definition cameras, precise motors, laser modules, TOF modules, and various perception modules such as infrared sensors. The system captures images and videos of birds using cameras, then utilizes AI algorithms to analyze the images in real-time. Based on the birds' physical characteristics, colors, textures, and other information, the system classifies and identifies different bird species. A4x Technology's bird recognition feature will undoubtedly be warmly welcomed by bird enthusiasts, expanding the company's products beyond traditional security surveillance into the realms of nature observation and science education.