Ingenic Zeratul
  • Ingenic Atlas technology
  • Atlas is a comprehensive solution for next-generation full-time wireless cameras. Based on Atlas, ultra-low power full-time recording can be achieved, and typical scene devices can stand by for 2-6 months. Combined with 4G network and solar energy, pure wireless cameras with full-time self power supply can be achieved, which is applied to the vast majority of outdoor scenes. In addition, Atlas has the ability to quickly start and AI, which can be applied to new generation biometric products such as facial locks and palm vein locks.
  • Highlights

    *A Fast-Boot Solution Based on Linux System

    *RISC-V fast start acceleration, open programming

    *Maturity of peripheral ecosystems: WI-FI, PIR, Base Station, Radar

    *Provide high-quality, high-definition, cost-effective, multi camera, AI and other comprehensive supporting solutions with different positioning




    Related chips

    Zeratul 3.0

    TTFF (first stable-frame image): 147ms

    Typical power consumption: 4M+ D1@15FPS 338mW (Including DDR)

    AI:1.2T@INT8,Rich Video/Audio functions,Open Magik tool


    Zeratul 3.1


    Typical power consumption:1080P(2M)+D1@15FPS,267mW(Including DDR)

    AI:Person detection(CNN),Person tracking(CNN)