Close AI Accompaniment: Ingenic's T23 Empowers AI Cameras for Multi-Scene Protection

As smart technology continues to develop and expand, cameras are being redefined with innovative features that are highly favored in the fields of home security and companionship. Ingenic, leveraging its extensive technical expertise in the field of vision chips, has helped VStarcam launch a revolutionary product: the VStarcam CV331S two-way video call high-definition camera. This camera not only meets the aesthetic and practical needs of modern families in its design but also relies on the powerful functions of the Ingenic T23 chip to bring users a new intelligent experience while enriching interactions between family members.

Ingenic has been deeply involved in the chip solutions for the broad visual field for a long time, mastering core technologies such as CPU, VPU, ISP, and AIE. In 2023, it released several innovative achievements, including AI-ISP, Always on Video (AOV), multi-camera new technology, and Mert audio, accelerating the integration of AI into the broad visual field and empowering industry innovation applications.


High-Definition Vision with Core Protection

The VStarcam CV331S camera is equipped with the Ingenic T23 chip, featuring a CPU performance with up to 1.4G frequency, professional imaging capabilities, and 3M@30fps video encoding capability. This ensures that users can enjoy clear and delicate 2K ultra-clear image quality, day or night, with clear visibility even in enlarged views. The T23 chip's starlight-enhanced ISP technology maintains image clarity and color authenticity even in low-light environments.

With the low-power fast start-up performance of the T23 chip and integrated human shape and motion detection algorithms, the CV331S camera's AI human shape intelligent detection function can accurately identify and track human shapes or movements. Once a human shape or movement is detected in the area, the device will automatically start recording and sound an alarm in real-time, ensuring home security.


Additionally, the CV331S camera features a PTZ design, allowing it to rotate freely left and right to quickly grasp the situation at home, offering a panoramic view with no blind spots. The device provides three major video camera modes: single-viewing, single-viewing with two-way intercom, and two-way viewing with two-way intercom, making it easy for users to choose the most suitable option, simplifying the task of accompanying family members and caring for children.


One-Click Call for Continuous Accompaniment

Considering the ease of use for the elderly and children, the VStarcam CV331S is specially designed with a one-click call button. Simply pressing it enables two-way video calls, making communication between family members easy and accessible. This feature is also attributed to the low-power fast start-up characteristics of the Ingenic T23 chip, ensuring quick response and stable operation of the device. The camera can be easily operated by connecting to a mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth.

The CV331S, with its built-in large-capacity rechargeable battery, can continue recording and illuminating even in the event of a power outage, offering simple and convenient battery life. The camera’s energy-saving, eye-protecting warm light night lamp mode provides uniform, non-glaring light, with good LED light color rendering, making it energy-efficient and durable.



Multi-Scene Applications and Optional Storage Methods

Whether in the suburbs, orchards, or farms, the CV331S camera can achieve remote monitoring without wiring through its built-in 4G module, meeting the needs of multi-scene applications from home to commercial, including baby care, shop monitoring, elderly care, pet care, classroom monitoring, and home security. Moreover, the rich peripheral expansion interfaces of the T23 chip provide more possibilities for diverse usage of the device.


The CV331S camera supports cloud storage, allowing users to choose storage methods as needed. Whether T-Flash cards or cloud storage, it can record and playback at any time without fear of loss, being safe and reliable. Users can view the footage anytime and anywhere, remotely replay videos smoothly based on date and time, and enjoy a variety of interactive experiences such as downloading, sharing, and taking photos. The Ingenic T23 chip’s rich video processing capabilities ensure efficient video data processing and storage.



Overall, the Ingenic T23 chip, with its comprehensive and balanced performance, injects powerful intelligent capabilities into the VStarcam CV331S high-definition camera. The T23 chip, with its excellent CPU computing performance, professional imaging capabilities, and leading encoding quality, ensures smooth and efficient processing of high-definition video streams, capturing clear and delicate images and stable video transmission. It provides the CV331S with comprehensive capabilities from high-definition vision to intelligent protection. Whether intelligent tracking or human shape detection, the CV331S can accurately identify and respond quickly, offering all-around, multi-scene safety protection for users. Additionally, the convenient one-click call feature and power outage endurance design of the CV331S increase the flexibility and reliability of user interaction with the camera. Choosing the VStarcam CV331S two-way video call high-definition camera means choosing a smart guardian that integrates high-definition image quality, intelligent analysis, convenient operation, and long-lasting battery life, bringing more safety and convenience to users' lives and work, making everyday interactions close and within reach.