Hera Description
  • In order to provide people with a better visual experience, video technology has developed rapidly in the past twenty years, from standard definition to 4K, 8K, from 2D to 3D, VR, panorama. Video formats have evolved from MPEG2, REAL, H.264 to the present H.266, AV1, with complexity and computation increasing exponentially.
  • The Ingenic Video team has been focusing on video encoding and decoding for many years, closely following the international advancements in video format research, and creating Ingenic's independently developed Video technology. Combining the practical applications of consumer and security surveillance industries, through in-depth algorithm research and meticulous hardware design, we provide low-power, high-performance, high-compression video encoding and decoding capabilities.
  • Highlights

    Hera is a 4K video encoder compatible with multiple formats such as H.265 and H.264. In response to the increased complexity of the H.265 format and the increase in computational load for 4K real-time encoding, the hardware architecture has been redesigned. Combined with AI, it supports refined ROI configuration. The complexity of mode selection is reduced by pre-analysis, and the performance is improved by combining algorithm optimization and hardware optimization for each encoding path. Dynamic power consumption is reduced through function switch control, thereby achieving industry-leading levels of overall performance, area, and power consumption.


    4K@60fps max

    Reference frame compression technology

    Memory sharing technology



    Super large size image encoding