• Images are the foundation of video processing. High-quality imaging effects can not only improve video quality but also enhance visual perception. ISP (Image Signal Processor) is a unit that processes the image signals output by the front-end image sensor and outputs high-quality images that conform to human visual characteristics.
  • The Ingenic Image technology team has been immersed in the visual industry for many years. We have conducted extensive analysis and research on the video surveillance industry and the broader video field. In combination with the actual needs of customers, they have launched and implemented their own image processor—Tiziano, which meets industry needs more closely, on multiple chips, achieving customers' high-quality image needs. At the same time, with the assistance of Ingenic's own AI processor technology and AI algorithm technology for noise reduction and detail enhancement, the imaging quality of the ISP has been further improved.
  • Highlights

    Considering the characteristics of the security surveillance and broader video industry, Ingenic has successively launched and implemented Tiziano 1.0, Tiziano 2.0, and Tiziano 3.0 on multiple chips, continuously improving image quality. At the same time, thanks to the company's excellent IP design capabilities and power consumption control technology, Tiziano's cost and performance have strong competitiveness.


    Name Specifications Related chips

      3M@30 fps  


      3A/Demosaic/BLC/DPC/LSC, etc

      HDR/3D&2D noise reduction/YSP, etc


      5M@30 fps  


      3A/Demosaic/BLC/DPC/LSC, etc

      2-frame WDR/3D&2D noise reduction/YSP, etc


      4K@30 fps 


      OSD/Mscaler/RGB&RGBIR-Se nsor

      3A/Demosaic/BLC/DPC/LSC, etc

      2-frame WDR/LCE/3D&2D noise reduction/YSP, etc