Helix Description
  • In order to provide people with a better visual experience, video technology has developed rapidly in the past twenty years, from SD (Standard Definition) to 4K, 8K, from 2D to 3D, VR, panorama. Video formats have evolved from MPEG2, REAL, H.264 to the present H.266, AV1, with complexity and computation increasing exponentially.
  • The Video team at Ingenic has been focusing on video encoding and decoding for many years, closely following the international advancements in video format research, and creating Ingenic's independently developed Video technology. Combining the practical applications of consumer and security surveillance industries, through in-depth algorithm research and meticulous hardware design, we provide low-power, high-performance, high-compression video encoding and decoding capabilities.
  • Highlights

    Helix is a multi-format HD video codec that supports H.264 and other formats. It can decode HD video sources in real-time from various mainstream formats and encode H.264 streams. It uses a hardware-sharing, multiplexing, and hybrid software-hardware control architecture, supporting multiple formats with fewer hardware resources, offering significant advantages in area and power consumption.


    4K@30fps max

    Reference frame compression technology

    Memory sharing technology