X1000 Kernel 3.10 Linux V9.0 Released
X1000 Kernel 3.10 Linux V9.0 ReleasedReference Boards:   RD_X1000_HALLEY2_EXT/Baseboard_V2.0(SPI-nor JFFS2/SPI-nand UBI).   RD_X1000_HALLEY2_EXT/Baseboard_V4.1(SPI-nor JFFS2/SPI-nand UBI).  Tags:   ingenic-linux-kernel3.10.14-x1000-v9.0-20191212  New features in v9.0 uboot: 1. Support SN and MAC address storage scheme based on SFC NAND flash storage.2. USB HID Gadge function supported3. Update support list for Nand flash.(DS35X1GAXXX ,GD5F2/4G5QUE/F)4. Add chipkey re-encryption for secrity boot, which  on SFC NOR flash only.5. Set UART IO as on-chip pull-up.6. Fix some bugs .  kernel: 1. Update support list for Nand flash. (DS35X1GAXXX).2. Update support list for touch screen.(FT6206).3. Add yaffs2 file system model supported.4. New interface for camera.5. New test interface for UART (tools/uart_test/).6. Update interface for gpio proc show.7. Set UART IO as on-chip pull-up.8. Fix a bug which case displays error.9. Fix a bug which case I2C write timeout.SDK rootfs:1. Update Compilation Rules,please refer to the document for details:    - doc/manhattan_platform_compilation_guide/New-compilation-rules/New-compilation-project.md; 2. Modify the default file system attribute to read-only(RO),and add read-write data partition;    - 16MB nor flash burning config file:configs/x1000/x1000_sfc_nor_16mb.cfg    - 32MB nor flash burning config file:configs/x1000/x1000_sfc_nor_32mb.cfg 3. compiling file system with builderoot.  Burn Tool: Update Burn tool to 2.5.4 Version.  Get source Code: Download ZIP:  CHEK HERE DOWNLOAD SOURCEClone with https:$ wget http://git.ingenic.com.cn:8082/bj/repo$ chmod +x repo$./repo init -u http://git.ingenic.com.cn:8082/gerrit/Manhattan/platform/manifest -b ingenic-linux-kernel3.10.14-x1000-v9.0-20191212 -m platform/x1000.xml$ ./repo sync$ ./repo forall -c "git reset --hard ingenic-linux-kernel3.10.14-x1000-v9.0-20191212 " Compile system:$ source build/envsetup.sh$ lunch  * select your board configuration$ make When Compile completely,you will get :system.*u-boot-with-spl.binuImage/xImageIn the out/product/$BOARD/image/ Feedbace and suggestions:If you find new issues,please feedback to support@ingenic.com
X1000 Kernel 3.10 Linux V8.2 Released
Reference Boards:     RD_X1000_HALLEY2_EXT/Baseboard_V2.0 (SPI-nor JFFS2/SPI-nand UBI).     RD_X1000_HALLEY2_EXT/Baseboard_V4.1(SPI-nor JFFS2/SPI-nand UBI). Tags:    ingenic-linux-kernel3.10.14-x1000-v8.2-20181116 References:      Bootloader:      - Support security boot on SPI-NOR flash device..Kernel:- Update USB driver to support USB Host and Device applications.  USB Host Features:l Comply with the USB 1.1 (Full-Speed USB) and the USB 2.0 (High-Speed USB) specification.l Support control, interrupt, and bulk and iso transfer types.l Support the following device classes:ü Usb human Interface class ü Usb mass Storage class ü Usb camera class ü Usb audio classü Usb communication class ü Usb printer class.       USB Device Features:l Comply with the USB 2.0 specification (High-Speed USB).l Comply with USB 1.1 ( Full-Speed USB) specification.l Support control, interrupt, bulk, and isochronous endpoints.l Support composite USB devices.l Works as following devices :ü Human Interface Device.ü Mass Storage Device ü Camera deviceü Audio deviceü Communication Deviceü Printer devicesü Adb devics.ü Network device.   Manhattan:- Adding USB application test cases   Burn tool:- Update Burntool to 2.5.0 Version Get Source Code:       CHECK HERE DOWNLOAD SOUCE CODE.  Compile system: $ source build/envsetup.sh$ lunch   * select your board configuration$ make When Compile completely,you will get :system.*u-boot-with-spl.binuImage/xImageIn the out/product/$BOARD/image/ Feedbace and suggestions: If you find new issues,please feedback to support@ingenic.com
JZ4775 Mensa kernel 3.10 linux V2.0 Released
Tags:      ingenic-linux-kernel3.10.14-mensa-v2.0-20180316Reference Boards:    RD_JZ4775_MENSA_V2.0(mmc/SD).Achieved Function:- mac(RMII 100Mbps)- USB (otg host/otg device,)- mmc(TF/SD?)- touchscreen- cim(double camera preview)- lcd(tft?)- OSD- Sleep and wake-up- vpu- x2d- dmmu- WLAN & BT- AMICKnnown issues:- Recording failure when playing music in the background- Unsupport spi-nor quick startCHECK HERE DOWNLOAD SOUCE CODE.Compile system:$ source build/envsetup.sh$ lunch    select your board configuration$ make   When Compile completely,you will get:system.*u-boot-with-spl.binuImage / xImage   in the out/product/BOARD/image .Feedbace and suggestions:     If you find new issues,please feedback to support@ingenic.com
X1000 Kernel 3.10 Linux V8.0 Released
Reference Boards:    RD_X1000_HALLEY2_EXT/Baseboard_V2.0(SPI-nor JFFS2).    Tags:    ingenic-linux-kernel3.10.14-x1000-v8.0-20180316Achieved Function: Bootloader:- Support burn NOR via usb cdc; - Fix SFC bug ; - Support 8MB DDR Kernel: - Update sfc nand driver and fix bug; - Support oss framwork for audio; - Fix bug on watch dog Manhattan:- Support OTA upgrades on SPI NAND - Support DirectFB; BurnTool: - Update Burntool to 2.4.0 Version。 CHECK HERE DOWNLOAD SOUCE CODE.Compile system:$source build/envsetup.sh$lunch* select your board configuration$makeWhen Compile completely,you will get :system.*u-boot-with-spl.binuImage/xImageIn the out/product/BOARD/image .Feedbace and suggestions:If you find new issues,please feedback to support@ingenic.com
X1000 Kernel 4.4.93 Linux V1.0 Released
Reference Boards:RD_X1000_HALLEY2_EXT/Baseboard_V2.0(SPI-nor JFFS2/SPI-nand UBI)Tags:ingenic-linux-kernel4.4.93-x1000-v1.0-20171226support Function:    Camera;    Audio play;    USB composite;    mmc/sd/SDIO;    WLAN;    LCD;    bluetooth;Get source:CHECK HERE DOWNLOAD SOUCE CODE.Compile system:    $source build/envsetup.sh    $lunch* select your board configuration    $makeWhen Compile completely,you will get :    system.*    u-boot-with-spl.bin    uImage/xImageIn the out/product/BOARD/image .Feedback and suggestions:        If you find new issues, please feedback to support@ingenic.com
X1000 Kernel 3.10 Linux V7.0 Released
Reference Boards:    RD_X1000_HALLEY2_EXT/Baseboard_V2.0(SPI-nor JFFS2).    RD_X1000_PHOENIX_V2.0 (SPI-nor JFFS2/SPI-nand UBI). Tags:    ingenic-linux-kernel3.10.14-x1000-v7.0-20170919 Achieved Function:  Bootloader:l Update SFC nand driver;    Kernel:l Update sfc nand driver;  Manhattan:l Streamline code ;l Fix bug;l Update tool chains to mips-gcc520-glibc222;   BurnTool:l Update Burntool to 2.3.0 Version。   SPI nand flash Support list :l     GD5F1GQ4UBl     GD5F2GQ4UBl     GD5F1GQ4UCl     GD5F2GQ4UCl     MX35LF1GE4ABl     ATO25D1GAl     PN26G01AW    NOTE: Please update BurnTool to V2.3.0, no longer compatible with old version.  CHECK HERE DOWNLOAD SOUCE CODE. Compile system:$source build/envsetup.sh$lunch * select your board configuration$makeWhen Compile completely,you will get : system.*u-boot-with-spl.binuImage/xImageIn the out/product/BOARD/image . Feedback and suggestions:        If you find new issues, please feedback to support@ingenic.com
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