"AI" can't stop watching birds at all. Ingenic T23 is exploring a new field of intelligent bird watching

As one of the driving forces behind "innovation," a series of chips from Ingenic are enabling frequent iterations of industry innovation applications. The Ingenic T23 series chip is the "core" power behind JIJA Technology's intelligent bird-watching products.  Ingenic, which has long been dedicated to chip solutions in the field of panoramic vision, has mastered core technologies such as CPU, VPU, ISP, and AIE. In 2023, they upgraded to release AI-ISP, Always on Video (AOV), multi-camera new technologies, Mert audio, and other innovative achievements, accelerating the popularization of AI in the


Targeting bird lovers, the true "

Currently,TA4x echnology offers many products with AI capabilities, including the Bird Cam series, which can intelligently identify 99% of common bird species. It is capable of recognizing birds captured on camera, distinguishing 99% of common bird species, and ultimately sending real-time notifications to users. In addition to viewing captured videos and live video streams, users can also directly access the Wikipedia page of a particular species to learn more information.

Bird identification and species notification is the latest cloud-based AI feature released by JiJia Technology after its human detection notification, pet (cats, dogs) detection notification, vehicle detection notification and vehicle re-identification, and package detection notification. Unlike the previous AI features, this function is specifically tailored towards bird enthusiasts, adding more fun beyond home security

Bird identification and species notification is the latest cloud-based AI feature released by TA4x echnology after human detection notification, pet (cat, dog) detection notification, vehicle detection notification, vehicle re-identification, and parcel detection notification. Unlike previous AI features, this feature is specifically tailored for bird lovers, adding more fun beyond home security


How to Make Bird Watching Smarter with "AI"

Bird enthusiasts place food for wild birds in their own backyard or on the balcony of their apartment, welcoming these lovely creatures to come and feed. They use cameras to capture these delightful moments, which can be seen in numerous videos shared on YouTube. Given the scarcity of bird identification AI applications for consumer cameras in the market, bird lovers generally use regular cameras to document bird life.


Compared to regular camera functions, products from A4x Technology utilize bird recognition and species notification features implemented by the Ingenic T23 chip. This allows users to receive real-time notifications when birds visit, and can identify 99% of common bird species. All recorded videos automatically include labels of the bird species, making it easier for users to search for and view them.


Thanks to the support of Ingenic T23 series chips, A4x Technology's products can intelligently identify birds quickly and accurately. Specifically, the T23 chip features a strong CPU computing performance with a frequency of up to 1.4GHz, professional imaging capabilities, 3M@30 frames video encoding capability, rich differentiation expansion, ultimate cost control, and low power consumption genes. It is equipped with well-integrated algorithms for human and motion detection, making it an industry-leading H.264 video processor in terms of performance and cost-effectiveness.


Moreover, leveraging the T23 chip's low power consumption, fast boot, starlight enhancement ISP, human detection, motion detection, and rich peripheral expansion interfaces, when birds come to feed, AI-enabled camera devices can quickly start up and record high-definition real-time footage, accurately capturing their form, movements, physical characteristics, colors, etc. Supported by various capacities of built-in DDR, users can easily search and quickly review the recorded footage.




Overall, with the support of Ingenic high-performance and AI visual chips, the bird recognition function developed by A4x Technology captures images and videos of birds through cameras. Subsequently, it utilizes cloud-based AI algorithms to perform real-time analysis on the images, categorizing and identifying different bird species based on their external features, colors, textures, and other information. This bird recognition feature from A4x Technology will undoubtedly be warmly welcomed by bird lovers, expanding the company's products beyond traditional security monitoring to include natural observation and science education.